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About us

About Us

Aashritha Charitable Trust Registration No: 117/2021

Aashritha Charitable Trust, a not-for-profit organisation bearing registration number 117/2021, was established in 2021 to serve the disadvantaged and denigrated sections of society. Often isolated and underserved, these groups seek a modicum of respect and attention. We believe they deserve the same amount of dignity and compassion as anyone else and we do our bit to help them lead a happy and healthy life.

Aashritha Old Age Home is pivotal to our senior-care efforts where we provide accommodation, sustenance, and appropriate activities to aid in the realisation of the elders’ fundamental rights. Our unwavering dedication to the mission keeps us committed to taking all the measures possible to resolve the challenges and vulnerabilities of the older persons residing in the shelter. As part of our humanitarian programmes, we undertake regular “Annadaanam” events where we distribute delicious food and clean water to the needy.

Our staff, volunteers, and donors ensure we stay on track and align our efforts with our deep-rooted desire to serve humanity and elevate this journey to the next level. We aspire to extend our ethical and transparent endeavours to bring smiles to the faces of children from less fortunate backgrounds and uplift them to become contributing members of future India by arranging financial help and handing out uniforms and stationery supplies free of cost.

Among the multitude of charitable operations that we desire to take up are facilitating quality healthcare for the destitute, building orphanages, shelter for the homeless, and vocational training for widows, by providing free service to all, irrespective of caste, religion, age, and gender.

These upcoming drives are ambitious but are possible to achieve with the help of generous philanthropists. We welcome donations, small and large, to fulfil the requirements of these causes and support people to meet their potential.

Aashritha Payment

You can deposit the funds here:

Account Name: Aashritha Charitable Trust

Bank Name: HDFC Bank Pvt Ltd

Account No: 50200066131790


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Senior Shelter
Food Distribution
Women Empowerment
Sponsorship Of Education

Our Mission

Empowering the marginalised groups of our society through continuous care, emotional support, and financial, medical, & educational assistance. We strive to help our elderly and the underprivileged to lead their lives in the dignified manner that they deserve. At Aashritha Charitable Trust, the crux of our mission is to drive impact in the community by offering comprehensive assistance to everyone in need.

Our Vision

We aim to create an impact in the lives of the underserved and neglected segments of society and help them achieve a respectable existence. Assist the elderly, destitute, homeless, widows, abandoned children, and financially backward people in realising their true worth with charity programmes like providing a warm & loving shelter, low or no cost and quality medical care, educational expenses, and career-oriented skills.

Our Values

  1. Treat everyone with the same respect, regardless of caste, creed, religion, age, and gender.
  2. Meet the requirements of older people, orphaned children, widows, and the homeless by providing accommodation and basic sustenance.
  3. Bring primary health care and extended quality medical relief to the needy and the deserving.
  4. Support the education dreams of students from poor families by giving them meals, books, uniforms, and other supplies.
  5. Participate in voluntary outreach efforts like timely disaster relief and food provisions for those affected by natural calamities.
  6. Help other charitable schemes and public-service organisations whose core values and objectives are similar to ours.
  7. Be fully transparent in utilising the funds received in dispensing our services.
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