Service to Mankind is Service to God

Look around and you will be shocked at the negligence and ill-treatment being meted out to seniors in our country. Some of these incidents can be rather disturbing, pointing attention to the need for NGOs that can step in and make a difference. 

Aashritha Charitable Trust is one such NGO committed to improving the quality of life of seniors in India. Located in Vijayawada, it’s one of the best NGOs here that has been making conscious efforts to aid the aging population.

The truth is our 1.3 billion population has been aging faster; reports suggest that between 2020 and 2050,  the number of people above 60 will increase by almost 130% to a whopping 320 million! The 2019 Covid pandemic exposed health risks to seniors and triggered the quest for models that could cater to their needs. Now there is a need for NGOs like Aashritha that can provide quality care for seniors who are permanently displaced or whose families are not around to take care of them.

At Aashritha, we have dedicated caregivers who can assist the elderly in carrying out their daily errands, be companions to them, and make them feel that they have a home away from home. They organize regular activities to ensure the residents stay active and busy. This energizes their body and mind and helps slow the decline in health conditions.

Making donations to NGOs is an excellent way to help the seniors in your society. Most non-profit and charitable organizations function because of hefty donations from individuals, fundraisers, and even the government. With old age homes, the need for funds is more because of their flailing health and ongoing medical treatments. As a donor, you can enjoy tax exemption.

If you wish to make donations in Vijayawada, you should first decide what kind of donations. You could donate, food, medicines, or old clothes.

NGO for food donation:


Aashritha conducts regular “Annadaanam” programmes to distribute food and other essentials to the seniors. It provides free and nutritious meals free of cost to the poor and needy. If you want to be a part of this initiative, you can make generous contributions to the organization.

NGO for medicinal donation:

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The growing cost of medical supplies and medicines keeps escalating and seniors living in old age homes need all the financial help they can get. Feel free to extend a helping hand to them by donating money to Aashritha. We will ensure that the funds are utilized most efficiently to deliver round-the-clock medical support, comprehensive care, routine health checkups, and access to medical specialists as and when required.

NGO for cloth donation:

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Like many NGOs in Vijayawada, Aashritha invites you to donate clothes, even old ones, to them. These can go a long way in providing for the poor and needy who have clothing and shelter requirements.

NGO for the education of underprivileged children:

Aashritha Charitable Trust seeks to break barriers by providing education for underprivileged children. With basic educational skills, they can become self-sufficient and financially independent. To accomplish this goal, we arrange for school bags, school uniforms, and other stationery, using funds from our donors.

NGO for assisted living for seniors:

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The Aashritha Old Age Home boasts of a well-trained, compassionate, and sincere staff dedicated to looking after seniors staying here. The idea is to offer them a secure and homely environment that is equipped with all required amenities to promote their mental and physical well-being. If you want to be a part of their lives and make a difference, you can donate to them because every donation counts. You can donate online through the easy-to-use buttons provided on their official website. 

NGO for helping runaway or castaway girls, abused women, and widows: These women are deprived, homeless, and poor, and need all the financial and emotional support they can get. Aashritha encourages you to extend a helping hand so that they can be given vocational training, basic education, financial literacy, driving, public speaking, etc. In short, these women acquire the training and education needed to make them job-ready.

How to donate to Aashritha:

To make donations, you can simply use the “Donate Now” buttons on their official site. You will be provided with multiple options to donate. You could either transfer the funds to their bank account, details of which are provided on the site, or use digital payment gateways through UPI ID.

What are the benefits of making donations?

When you donate to an organization like Aashritha, you can help marginalized sections of society like abandoned seniors, abused women, orphans, the homeless, and the needy. The funds from donors are used to provide them with basic meals, clothing, and hygienic accommodations so that they can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Every time you donate, you can take comfort in the fact that you have helped someone, no matter how small or big your donation may be. 

At Aashritha, we celebrate festivals and birthdays and arrange for park visits and social engagements, so that seniors feel loved and wanted. We organize free job courses and networking events to enable women belonging to families living below the poverty line and widows to become financially independent.

How can you donate food to the poor?

You can pay for freshly cooked, nutritious, and well-balanced meals for the destitute and needy. For this, you may use the “Donate Now” buttons on their website and pay either through your UPI ID or by transferring money to their bank account.

These are different ways in which you can help NGOs in Vijayawada to serve mankind because service to mankind is ultimately service to god. Whether it’s taking care of school uniforms, bags, and midday meals for children in schools or providing nutritious meals to the hungry, your contributions will never go to waste. Not only will you help orphans and seniors lead a comfortable life but you will also be providing them with a renewed confidence and zest for life.

Seniors in our society are often alone, because their children may be living in places far away. Some may be ill and have restricted mobility, making it rather difficult for them to lead a normal life. Some others may have lost their spouses and are unable to cope with the sudden loneliness. Whatever the reason, they need emotional, financial, and physical support which we strive to offer.

At Aashritha, we hope to uplift marginalized groups through emotional support, continuous medical and financial support, and educational assistance. Our goal is to make them feel safe and cared for, to help them lead fulfilling lives, and to restore the dignity of life. 

When you want to find the best NGO for donations in Vijayawada, you should choose one that is committed to treating everyone with respect and equality, regardless of their religion, caste, gender, or age. Look for one like Aashritha who embraces people in need of help across all communities and religions. Whether it is abandoned seniors, orphaned children, or destitute and abused women, we are ready to take them in and support them with whatever they need. 

Look for an organization that values humanity, and extends a helping hand to other charity schemes and non-profit organizations working for similar causes. It should take part in voluntary outreach efforts such as providing food and medical supplies during disaster relief operations.

It should show complete transparency when it comes to using the funds given by donors. This guarantees that your money is in the right hands and being used for the right reasons. An organization like Aashritha is the right choice since it employs trained nutrition experts and kitchen staff who know how to cook tasty and nutritious meals. Seniors may have special dietary needs which must be considered for their health.

When it comes to trust Aashritha is a name you can trust. It is known for providing quality care for its resident seniors. It takes every step necessary to make sure the seniors have access to round-the-clock medical care and the comforts of a home. The donors, staff, and volunteers align their efforts and are always on track with their aim to serve humanity in the best way possible.

None of this however would not have been possible had it not been for the generous donations of our donors. Philanthropists like them have strengthened our resolve to achieve our goals. In the post-pandemic era, the need of the hour is for structured care programmes, senior-friendly architecture, and specialized medical services, to achieve a superior quality of life.


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Aashritha NGO

Aashritha Charitable Trust, a not-for-profit organisation bearing registration number 117/2021, was established in 2021 to serve the disadvantaged and denigrated sections of society.

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All donations directly impact our organization and help us further our mission.


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Support Our Cause

Help our organization by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.

Avail Tax Exemption Benefits under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act for Your Charitable Donations

How much would you like to donate today?

All donations directly impact our organization and help us further our mission.


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