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Partnering and Leveraging CSR Funding for Social Good in India

Inclusive growth, with the combined efforts of the government, entities, donors, and organizations, can bring about revolutionary change in society. Mallen Baker, writer, speaker, and CSR expert, defines corporate social responsibility as a strategic act, “a way a company manages the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.”

A business keeps consumers in the center. However, it extends beyond providing quality products and services or winning their trust. It’s also being a part of the social change based on what their beliefs are, what they hold on to, good practices, and more. Failing to be less socially active could impact the equity of the brand. 

Moving on, there’s more to how CSR is not just a buzzword, but a catalyst of real change that needs more focus and initiatives. 

What is a CSR Fund For NGOs?

CSR can be synonymous to betterment of society. As per Wikipedia, “Corporate social responsibility (CSR) or corporate social impact is a form of private business self-regulation which aims to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in, with, or supporting professional service volunteering through pro bono programs, community development, administering monetary grants to non-profit organizations for the public benefit, or to conduct ethically oriented business and investment practices.”

Under section 135 of Companies Act-2013, the companies falling under the following criterias will have to spend 2% of the net profits of the last 3 years for its corporate social responsibility acts. The criterias are:

  • Companies with a net worth of Rs. 500 crores or more. 
  • Companies with a turnover of Rs. 1000 crore or more. 
  • Companies with a net profit of Rs. 5 crores or more. 

Amendments keep happening in the law bringing new rays of hopes and opportunities to multiple NGOs across the country. 

CSR Importance

Now there’s an awareness how a business impacts the society and the environment we live in. Following and understanding the same, CSR is a buzzword now with humongous potential to help, impact, and change the surroundings we live in by just sparing some percentage of what they earn. 

Corporations and entities are now doing majorly to be a resposblile part of the society they live in and operate. For that, CSR comes as a masterpiece that’s shaping the world of many in collaboration with NGOs like Aashritha that unites with their CSR vision. Together, society will change. 

Benefits of CSR Fund For NGOs

There are so many ways these corporate fundings can help NGOs. Let’s understand them below:

Financial Backbone

Lack of funds is a major roadblock for many NGOs. Good funding is like the backbone for NGOs because it helps them carry out their social and humanitarian endeavors with ease and convenience. CSR funds let the good water flow and hydrate the dehydrated and valuable elements of our society. These funds help NGOs undertake and continue various initiatives and projects that otherwise would have been tough to carry out or continue.

Collaboration & Exposure

CSR also sometimes includes a close collaboration between the NGO and the corporation. When that happens, NGOs get to know and become involved with corporate expertise a little more closely. That includes NGOs gaining access to and exposure to multiple other resources and connections that can help them in the long run.

Credibility Boost

Other than NGO’s getting exposure to resources and expertise, being connected to a reputable brand adds to the credibility profile of those NGOs, attracting more resources. The impact it creates brings in double and triple opportunities that NGOs will organically have.

Stability and Sustainability

When it’s a partnership between NGOs and Corporations, it’s a long-term partnership most of the time. Because of this long-term connection, NGO’s get a sense of stability and sustainability leading to them planning their projects and plans more wisely now. This sense of stability is everything for a non profit organization made possible by CSR funding agencies. 

Additional Revenue Source

NGO’s relying on a limited number of funding sources like crowdfunding or the Government can be very risky. When CSR funds step in, it works like a big relief because most of these times these funds are regular. It provides a big financial stability to NGOs that helps them optimize their care goals well. 

Aashritha Initiatives in CSR

With an expertise spanning years now, the way we have impacted lives through our social activities has been recognized by many. Be it through multiple programs, digitally, one-on-one, volunteering, and others, our vision of a better society reflects in what our deeds stand for. That include: 

  • CSR for Senior Shelter
  • CSR for Food Distribution
  • CSR for Women Empowerment
  • CSR for Sponsorship Of Education
  • CSR for plantation
  • CSR for children and their welfare

Why Choose Aashritha For CSR?

Why Aashritha is the right choice for CSR initiatives and activities is because of its robust commitment of a social change and a powerful social impact alongside focus on sustainable development. We have an expertise to count on. Our expertise has landed us to a position where we understand the society at the root level, and we ensure that our partnership together will bring the much-needed social change in the society, adding a trust factor to your CSR initiatives. 

With an expertise in healthcare, old age care, environment, and other areas, we have always been transparent about our approaches and where your money is being utliized. Together, let’s be a reason for millions of smiles. 

Not just CSR, but the right CSR will make your good will and efforts reach the right people including your consumers and employers. If our joint efforts can make a large difference, why not? So, to make your corporate social responsibility efforts reach the right people at the right time, it’s paramount you partner with the right NGO like Aashritha. We ensure your donations reach the maximum number of people and in the right direction. 

Every penny we receive is directed towards producing a growth film liked by the society. From education, empowerment, old-age care, food donations, and more, we work towards achieving the inclusive growth we talked about in the beginning. But, it all begins with the right partnership. Let’s unite and bring a smile on millions of faces! 

Aashritha is looking forward to collaborating with corporations willing to work for the development of society and prevailing problems that are untouched and ignored. Please click here to express your interest in collaboration. 

Click here to make your generous and valuable donation to support Aashritha Charitable Trust. Start availing of tax exemption benefits from now on.


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Support Our Cause

Help our organization by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.

Avail Tax Exemption Benefits under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act for Your Charitable Donations

How much would you like to donate today?

All donations directly impact our organization and help us further our mission.


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